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<p>Battle Breakers is a hero collecting RPG from Epic Games' subsidiary Chair Entertainment that's been in soft launch for quite a while now. It dates all the way back to 2017 when we last previewed the game. Now it's officially available for iOS, Android and PC.</p><p>The whole premise of the game is based on the idea that monsters from space trapped the best heroes in these crystals. It's up to you to free those heroes whilst simultaneously assembling a team of them to fight back the monsters. It's inspired by cartoons which you can clearly hear when you watch the trailer below.</p><p>You'll assemble a team of six heroes of your choosing and then head into one of the game's many dungeons. The layout of these dungeons is represented by a grid with gems making up the floor. You can choose to smash one of these and it will reveal more of the game board, with the aim being to make your way to the exit after finding the key.</p>.

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