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<p>Am I the only person that never got around to playing Rez?</p><p>It certainly felt that way, watching twitter as remake Rez Unlimited was announced at the PlayStation Experience this weekend.</p><p>Tetsuya Mizuguchi's 2001 game was part on-rails shooter part rhythm action game as player's guided a VR avatar through a computer network.</p><p>A 2008 re-release of Rez emerged for the Xbox 360, but this is the first chance for this generation's gamers to pick it up, and the first with VR support.</p><p>According to the trailer shown at PSX, Rez Infinite's Playstation VR port will have 3D audio, 120 frames per second and a new level, Area X. Those without Playstation VR will also be able to play the game on the PS4, where it has 60fps and 1080p resolutions.</p><p>You should watch the trailer, because it's an unusual and trippy thing.</p>.

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