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<p>Creatiulab, the studio behind the Silver Award-winning puzzler Stubies, has announced that it'll be launching its next game called The Mesh on July 9th.</p><p>It's a grid-based puzzle game in which you have to try to achieve a certain goal number by joining numbered tiles. If you run out of tiles before making that number then you lose.</p><p>You can kinda get an idea of how The Mesh works when you're playing it in the video below. Kinda.</p><p>It's a little difficult to make sense of it without playing the game for yourself. But, hey, how cool is that blobby visual effect that appears when moving the tile around.</p><p>Anyway, it's a little more exciting than all that makes it sound, well, hopefully. It doesn't have any cute characters as with Stubies, but it does have the 12 animals of the Zodiac. You unlock them as you progress..

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