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<p>Curse the holidays!</p><p>If it weren't for them giving us time off we could have told you four days ago that the offbeat space-dino shooter Ace Ferrara &amp; The Dino Menace is free for a short time.</p><p>As it now stands, it's January 2nd 2015, which is the day this limited time offer ends. You can still grab it for free on the App Store [download] as I write this, but that will soon change.</p><p>The reason for the game going free for a few days is due to it being relaunched with new content. But getting it requires you to re-download the game rather than simply update it.</p><p>That's due to its solo creator Phillipp Seifried ending the publishing deal with Bulkypix for the game. So now he is self-publishing it.</p><p>But Apple's rules means that the game can't be transferred on the App Store. And so instead he has had to remove it and then re-submit it to Apple for approval.</p>.

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