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Appear to him as he to me appears,....
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"In about a month's time. My wedding dress is to be navy blue silk. And I want to ask you, Anne, dearie, if you think it would be all right to wear a veil with a navy blue dress. I've always thought I'd like to wear a veil if I ever got married. Marshall says to have it if I want to. Isn't that like a man?"....
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"That child always idolised you," remarked Mrs. Rachel....
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<p>Gregory Champoux says that Myst and Machinarium played a part in influencing Machinka Museum. The game it bears most resemblance with, though, is The Room.</p><p>As with that game, it's a puzzler that focuses on fiddly interactions with 3D objects.</p><p>The difference is that, while The Room focused on wooden puzzle boxes, Machinka Museum is all sci-fi machines an technological artefacts.</p><p>You'll be using the touchscreen to assemble parts, work on locks, and manipulate electronic devices. The first job is working out these machines work and then you try to fix them.</p><p>"Expect lots of sliding, rotating, pushing, and mechanical puzzle solving," Champoux writes. "Using your fingers, and a couple other tools (what's a tinkerer without his screwdriver and a x-ray cam?).</p><p>All of this tinkering is done while a story pushes along in the background. You play as the Planetary Museum's technical consultant.</p>....